Fake Beggar who pretends to be crippled caught, Forced to walk in video


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A fake beggar who sits on a wheelchair and pretends to be a cripple has met his waterloo as luck ran out of her in Mombasa.

Social media users are currently trying hard to wrap their heads around a video of a pretentious beggar who claims to be crippled so as to make money from begging.

Before his cunning tricks were unraveled, he would camp along busy streets in Mombasa while seated in a wheelchair and beg money from the publicHowever, his proverbial forty days reached after some members of the public found out that he was not physically challenged.

They cornered him at one of his favorite spots busy begging and ordered him to get out of the wheelchair.The moment he stepped down, it become very clear to all present that he had his legs intact and in good condition.

Watch the video below :

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