Netizens give opinion on K-pop group Fifty Fifty’s company dispute

K-pop group Fifty Fifty’s company dispute


Korean netizens have given their opinion on the agency dispute surrounding the K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty. All four members have filed for the suspension of their exclusive contracts with their agency ATTRAKT.

According to the group’s legal representative, the agency has violated the terms of their contract. In a full statement, they listed the members’ grievances against their current company.

K-pop group Fifty Fifty
K-pop group Fifty Fifty

“The members questioned the various situations where ATTRAKT did not faithfully fulfill their contract obligations, such as the lack of transparency in financial documents and unilaterally trying to have the group promoted despite the members having health issues.”

They also confirmed that no third party was trying to persuade the members to violate their contracts. “We would also like to clarify that this [lawsuit] was a decision made by the four members themselves, with no outside intervention.”

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Netizens took to social media platforms to give their opinion on the situation, claiming it was unfortunate that these agencies were trying to profit off of the group instead of promoting them during the peak of their popularity. One user wrote:

“I think Ahn Sung Il (“Cupid” producer”) is so weird!!! Even if he is the one who picked 3 members and produced the group, he used someone else’s money (ATTRAKT) to do so, but is now claiming the group is his after they hit it big? Would he have done the same if the group failed?”

A second user tried to explain the situation through another rookie group, New Jeans: “To sum it up, just think that Bang Si Hyuk (ATTRAKT) and Min Jin Hee (The Givers) are fighting for the rights of NewJeans (FIFTY FIFTY). Bang Si Hyuk (ATTRAKT) is saying that because he invested his money, the group is his, while Min Hee Jin (The Givers) is saying because she did everything from casting the members to directing the song, the group is hers, and NewJeans (FIFTY FIFTY) basically said they want to follow Min Hee Jin (The Givers), so Bang Si Hyuk (ATTRAKT) sued Min Hee Jin (Min Hee Jin).”

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