Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Substance Abuse And Her Journey To Sobriety


With her forthcoming album, Pink Friday 2, slated to drop in December, Nicki Minaj has been keeping her focus on the music. She unveiled a slew of singles these past couple of months, including “Last Time I Saw You” and “Big Difference.”

However, the rapper gave fans a closer insight into her evolution, parenthood, and pivotal career moments during a cover story for Vogue’s December issue. Published today (Nov. 9), Minaj notably confronted a personal battle with substance abuse, particularly Percocets, that many face in silence.

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

“No one told me that this was a narcotic and this was addictive. Luckily, I was able to ground myself,” she shared. Reflecting on her journey toward sobriety, Minaj remarked, “Once an addict, always an addict. I feel like if you’ve ever experienced addiction to anything, which I have, you always have to think twice and three times about the choices that you make.”

The conversation took a broader scope as Minaj drew connections between her experiences and those of other illustrious figures who publicly struggled with addiction. Icons like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Prince all grappled with the pressures of fame and drug misuse.

“These are some of the greatest of all time. And one day, they decided, ‘You know what? I’d rather self-medicate and be in my own world,’ ” the “Only” hitmaker pointed out. “Should you keep on doing interviews and pouring out your heart so people can laugh? No.”

Minaj also delved into her family’s history with substance abuse, recounting the impact of her father’s usage of crack cocaine during her childhood. She expressed a renewed perspective on his struggles, recognizing the control it held over his actions.

“Now I realize those people weren’t making those choices because they wanted to hurt their family. Addiction took over their bodies and their lives. They were victims, too,” she stated.

Pink Friday 2 will drop on Minaj’s 41st birthday, Dec. 8.

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