Pablo Gavi Mom – Is Pique Cheating On Shakira With Her?


Rumors about the split of the relationship between Pique and Shakira are at an all-time high.

Now people on the internet have made the speculation that says that Pique was cheating on the musician with his fellow teammate’s mother.

Pique and Gavi have been teammates for more than a year now. The young Barcelona midfielder broke into the first team this year and already established his place in the first team.

Pique is accused of cheating on Shakira with the mother of the 18-year-old midfielder. Are the rumors true? Keep on reading to find out.

Who Is Pablo Gavi’s Mom?

Pablo Gavi’s parents are a proud bunch as they have seen their son break into one of the best teams in the world. Even though the name of Gavi’s mother is not known, her name is taken in the football world for all the wrong reasons.

After the news about the conflicts in the Pique-Shakira relationships broke out, fans have been wondering who the other woman might be. And if we are to trust the rumors, the other woman is the mother of Pique’s teammate, Gavi.

But since there is nothing official to support these claims, we can not confirm for sure. But all the evidence like Gavi unfollowing the central defender on Instagram is pointing things to those rumors being the truth.

Is Pique Cheating On Shakira With Gavi’s Mom?

The rumors about an illicit relationship between Pique and Gavi’s mother are spreading like a plague on the internet. Fans are talking about this nonstop.

If we are to look at the surface details, these rumors seem to be true. A big revelation about an illicit relationship involving Pique was made yesterday. Now, the young Barcelona midfielder has unfollowed Gerard Pique on Instagram, which does not look good for the veteran.

Pablo Gavi Mom Name And Age Details Explored

There has been no official revelation about the name of Gavi’s mother, but a Twitter user did address her by the name of Gavinin Anasi. She came into an instant spotlight of media after a rumor about her relationship with Gerrard Pique came out.

Even though there is no strong proof to support these statements, all evidence leads to the truth. People from all around the world are voicing their opinion and blaming Pique for doing such an immoral thing.

Pique is now set to split with Shakira after almost a decade of being together. Reports suggest that the defender is set to stay alone in Barcelona.

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