Regina Hall mocks Kevin Costner after he won a best actor Golden Globe.

  • Presenter Regina Hall poked fun at Kevin Costner after he won a best actor Golden Globe.
  • The actor and his wife, Christine Baumgartner, were unable to attend the awards due to the California floods.

A little roast to go along with that victory. Kevin Costner received a 2023 Golden Globe for best actor for his performance in Yellowstone, but presenter Regina Hall couldn’t resist but make fun of his current predicament.

The Field of Dreams actor, 67, uploaded a moving video through Instagram moments before the 80th annual awards show on Tuesday, January 10, in which he explained why he couldn’t attend.

Regina Hall mocks Kevin Costner after he won a best actor Golden Globe.
Regina Hall mocks Kevin Costner after he won a best actor Golden Globe.

Costner remarked that he and his wife, Christine Baumgartner, were trapped in Santa Barbara as a result of the devastating California floods while he stood on a palm-tree-covered bluff overlooking the ocean.

“Nobody’s sadder than us that we can’t be there at the Golden Globes,” the Bodyguard actor shared, adding that he and Baumgartner, 48, even had to “pull the kids out of school” due to the devastation. (The couple share three kids; Costner is also dad to four adult children from two previous relationships.)

After announcing Costner’s win for best actor in a drama series at the Beverly Hilton, Hall, 52, began reading off the teleprompter — and laughing and rolling her eyes at what was written.

“Kevin Costner, he so much wanted to be — ,” she started before cracking up. She then addressed the audience, saying, “I always like how they write this. It’s like, ‘He so much wanted to be — ’ no, I’m sure he did,” she cracked.

“But because of the — it’s been raining — the unprecedented weather and flooding, he has to shelter in place in Santa Barbara,” the Girls Trip star continued, smacking her forehead and muttering, “Jesus,” as the audience roared.

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“No, this is a sad story right now. He’s stuck in Santa Barbara. Let’s pray everyone,” Hall said, attempting to keep her composure. “Everyone, we do, we pray and we hope everyone affected by these storms remains safe. I’m gonna set that award right there, on your behalf, Kevin.”

For their part, Costner revealed in the Instagram video that he and Baumgartner were going to be celebrating at home. “She went out and bought me some gold and yellow and black and silver balloons, and so we’re gonna [watch] the television and see what happens,” the Oscar winner said in the somber address, apologizing for his absence.

“I’m really sorry to the Golden Globes and the international press,” he stated. “I hope we’re invited back. Thanks.”

Costner’s 2023 Golden Globe marks his third win and sixth nomination. He previously won a best actor statuette in 2013 for the Hatfields & McCoys as well as a best director award for his iconic 1990 film Dances With Wolves.

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