Singer Jennifer Lopez is optimistic about the future after major regrets.


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Columbian dancer and singer, Jennifer Lopez, who is the current wife of Ben Affleck, takes a futuristic approach to her career aspirations after opening up about her early journey in the showbiz industry.

The multi-hyphenate Jennifer Lopez is about to release her newest album, This Is Me… Now, which is a sequel to her 2002 album This Is Me… Then, next year in February.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Lately, reports have emerged in which the Ain’t Your Mama hitmaker touched on the ‘cruel’ truth behind the industry’s splendid glamour in her most recent sit-down with Elle.

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In this candid conversation, the 53-year-old songstress revealed her naivety at the inception of her career, adding that she had to overcome “a lot of obstacles in the way.”

She even mentioned facing racial discrimination just because she was “Latina.”

Later in the interview, the Columbian singer addressed that she had learnt from her past mistakes.

Opening up to the publication, Lopez said that she was ready to take on a whole new approach to start a new chapter in her life.

She expressed, “I want to tell the gamut of stories.”

The Hustler’s actress went on to explain, “Uplifting, empowering stories, and entertaining stories, and gangster movies. I want to do everything that men do. I want to do all of it.”

Concluding the interview, Jennifer celebrated ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ women who know how to get things they set their minds to.

She added, “We have run empires; we have done all of these things throughout history, and we should tell all of those stories,” after which she signed off.

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