Tom Hanks’ niece flies off the handle as she gets eliminated from ‘Claim to Fame’

Tom Hanks' niece Carly Reeves


Carly Reeves, who was the first contestant to be eliminated in season two of the celebrity relative series Claim to Fame, made a dramatic exit during the premiere episode on Monday. She had a meltdown after losing the competition.

Tom Hanks' niece

“I didn’t even get to do any challenges!” Reeves shouted from inside the show house after her elimination as she cried. “I don’t deserve this! I should have more camera time! I should be here longer!”

Claim to Fame is hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas and features less famous relatives of celebrities competing to correctly guess each other’s links to fame before their own connection is identified.

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During the premiere episode of the second season, one of the contestants, Carly Reeves, faced an early setback when another contestant named Hugo correctly guessed that Hanks was Reeves’ uncle due to the clue being a bench, which was featured in the iconic poster of Tom Hanks’ movie Forrest Gump.

Following the dismissal of the other contestants for the night, Reeves was heard screaming from inside the house and went on to rant about the competition.

“These freaking clues are so freaking obvious! Freaking bench?! That’s the freaking poster of freaking ‘Forrest Gump.’ Are you kidding me?” she yelled while crying as she climbed the home’s staircase.

“Why a bench? Why a bench? There’s literally no benches on any other movie. Even Gabriel found that out. He’s not even like, smart,” she said as she collected her belongings.

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