You neva sabi work – Oyinbo tells ‘yahoo boy’ in pidgin after he asked for $200 [Watch]


People are giggling hysterically over a white lady who posts amusing information in her comment area about people impersonating yahoo males.

A amusing video was made by a white lady with the handle @mama esosa, who maintains an account where she tries to find flaws in the yahoo guys’ schemes to defraud others.

In a video, she responds to a Nigerian man’s comment, “My laptop was blocked.” To open it, I’ll need a $200 Google Play card from you.”

Making a film from the man’s remark, the white lady began speaking in pidgin English, telling the individual that his scamming method was insufficient.

She stated that $200 (N83,116.00) is a modest sum of money to obtain through fraud and advised the individual to step up his game in order to obtain a better client.

Many Nigerians who reacted to the video thought her ability to speak pidgin was incredible, and that males could be able to ‘jazz’ her.

Check out her hilarious video below:


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